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Popular destinations to move from Denmark

  1. Moving from Denmark to New Zealand
  2. Moving from Denmark to London
  3. Moving from Denmark to Ireland

Moving with your children from Denmark?

Here are some tips to prepare a successful international move with your children from Denmark:

  • Let your children feel they are a part of the moving process. Involve them and let them help packing their own room.

  • Plan your move from Denmark, if possible, at the end of a school year. Your children will have the whole summer vacation to settle in before they will start at their new school.

  • Take a bag or box and fill it with some things your children love so that they can use it for the first weeks in your new home. This can be favorite toys, CD’s, books or any other familiar things that can be of comfort on arrival.

  • If you have small children, ask a relative or friends to keep them on your moving day so that you can finish packing.